Robotic Arm with the Fuze Raspberry Pi

This video gives an introduction on how to control the Self-Build Robotic Arm with the Fuze Raspberry Pi.

We demonstrate how the Raspberry Pi can be programmed using Fuze Basic to instruct the Robotic Arm to pick up a small plastic bottle and put it down 180 degrees from its original position. A couple of Fuze Basic code commands are also explained in more detail.

The Fuze is used in many schools throughout the UK and around the world. Carrying out experiments with the Fuze Raspberry Pi is a great way of getting young people involved in problem-solving, computer programming and potentially into technical careers.

Below are the links to purchase the Robotic Arm and the Fuze Raspberry Pi. You will also require the USB interface to connect the Robotic Arm to the Fuze. You can probably purchase all of this as a complete second-hand kit on eBay , although there is usually is a warranty should you buy them new on Amazon. It also helps me fund more videos like this one. Many thanks.

Robotic Arm

Robotic Arm USB Interface

Fuze Raspberry Pi


  • Donald
    Posted 7th March 2019 2:43 pm 0Likes

    Hi Mario,
    I love your video about the “bionic arm” 😉 I know your video skills are amazing but I am in awe of your programming skills !!

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