Before we start editing your project we ensure all your footage is safely backed-up to a hard drive RAID system. Once this is complete we then set about organising the types of shots for each scene and begin creating your video project on our editing system.

The first draft edit is then put together including initial music, voice-over, text, images, logo/s and basic colour correction. You will then have the opportunity to view your video and discuss possible changes.

Following the first draft edit, we make the required modifications adding some gloss to the production creating a “look” for your video including setting the audio levels. We then obtain your approval making any final tweaks if necessary and checking for mistakes.

By now we are ready to move on to encoding your video for Web/DVD/Blue-Ray etc. Encoding allows us to change the format of your video to suit its hosting.

Finally we arrive at the delivery stage. This can include creating your own YouTube account and uploading your video.

We offer video SEO as an optional extra, advising you on implementation and best practice for YouTube and other platforms.


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