During the planning stage we will discuss your project in detail including which type of video will be best suited to your requirements.
This may be a testimonial video, a corporate documentary, an event video or a demonstration video to explain how your product works.
If possible we like to have an on-site meeting so that we can best understand the location to help plan the shots required.

To clarify your needs we ask broader questions such as:

“What do you hope to achieve with your video?”
“Who are you targeting?”
“What is your budget?”
“Have you considered where to host the video?”

In addition, things to bear in mind are:

The Location: Will the video be office-based, in a factory, within a cityscape or in a rural landscape? Will it be in the UK, Europe or even further afield? Will it be filmed at single or multiple locations?

Participants: Who will be in the video? Staff members, directors of the company, owners of the business, your clients or would you prefer professional actors?
Will animals and children be involved?

Company Identity: We may need to consider the essential ethos of the company, its values and mission statements. Also taking into account branding, including logos, straplines, clothing, colour schemes and the video call to action.

We will advise on:

The Message: Will the project require a storyboard and/or a list of shots? We can also help you write/craft your message and call to action.
In the case of an event video, where should the camera be placed, which presentation should we film and at what time?

Green Screening: Allowing us to replace the green screen background using a process called keying and placing you in your desired location.

i) We have a large library of music we can use to enhance your viewers’ video playback experience.
ii) We also have a number of voice-over artists we can call upon for different styles of voice-over.
iii) In addition we utilise software that can remove unwanted background environmental sounds.

Video Style:
i) Basic talking-head video with just a few changes of pace
ii) A more sophisticated, dynamic video, with fast-changing pace and motion-graphics
iii) A style comprising elements of both of the above.

We are open to clients showing us examples of videos styles on which they would like to base their own video but we are happy to come up with a concept of our own.

Time Frames: From planning meetings, through filming to actual delivery.

Legislative Requirements: e.g. DBS Check, Police checks, Manual Handling, Risk Assessments, agreements from people taking part.

Budget: How the project will be paid for: deposit, staged payments or full payment.

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