Rye Hill Golf Club

Rye Hill Golf Club in Oxfordshire asked us to produce a promotional video that would show all the different aspects of their business and explain what they had to offer.

Quite a tall order for one video!

After agreeing a direction for the video, our first step was to write a script for a voice-over that would help tell their story.

Once the script was complete we were able to start planning the shots and calculating the resources required for the video. In fact the first few lines of the voice-over script, shown below, state the different types of events we would need film to be able to tell the golf club’s story.

It also became clear that the only way this could be done was to spread the filming over a period of twelve months. The reason being, some of the footage could only be captured on specific dates. For example, the Abba evening only takes place once a year and the Cotswold Comedy Club twice a year. We also needed a sunny day to film parts of a wedding and another sunny day to film people playing golf. In addition, we required an evening to film in the restaurant and a morning to film in the bar area.

This is where good planning and preparation came in as we knew we had to get some of these shots right first time or risk having to come back the following year.

First few lines of the voice-over script

‘Rye Hill Championship Golf Club is more than its excellent golfing. The club regularly hosts conferences, corporate functions, weddings, private parties and themed evenings’.

We finished off by filming testimonials to reinforce all that is good about the golf club and edited them into the video at appropriate points.

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