St Hilda’s College Oxford University – Summer Events

St Hilda’s asked us to produce a video that they could use, to help them promote the college as a venue for summer events.

St Hilda’s is uniquely situated next to the river, with lovely open grass areas, vibrant planting and stunning views of Oxford. The college also has a selection of function rooms, a large kitchen and on site catering staff. So there was a lot we could work with to help us tell their story.

An initial script was written which we used to plan the shots required to help sell the venue. The script talked about different events taking place over the summer months and the various options the college had to offer which we would need to film. We also filmed a couple of testimonials from very happy customers and recorded a voice-over. This all helped to add interest to the video to keep the viewer engaged.

Only a hand-full of video clips were staged, these included shots of students punting at 59 seconds and playing croquet at 1 minute 12 seconds into the video. The rest of the footage was completely natural and illustrates what a great venue St Hilda’s is for a summer party.

St Hilda’s were so pleased with the video they agreed to give us a video testimonial.

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